Review Policy

All requests for book reviews must be sent to or through direct messaging on any of my social media accounts linked to this blog.

NOTE that I do not consent to being signed on to any publisher/ author’s mailing list without my permission being sought and obtained.

How much do I charge for book reviews?
I do not review books in exchange for any monetary compensation.

What type of books do I accept?
I am a very open-minded reader, but overtime I have observed that I lean towards African literature and books by BIPOC in the following genres:
– Women’s fiction,
-Historical fiction,
– Literary fiction
– Fantasy/ Africanfuturism/ Science fiction,
-Magical Realism/Speculative Fiction,
-Suspense/ Thriller fiction,
-Contemporary fiction
-Mystery/Crime fiction.

I do not accept books from the following genres:
– Horror/Paranormal/Ghost
– Erotica.

I may accept non-fiction books such as biographies/memoirs and self-help books if I find the content relatable.

What Formats Do You Accept?
– Physical copies (Most Preferred)
– EPub

Accepting Books and Publishing Reviews
If I accept a book for review, that will most likely guarantee a review. (I will reply to your email when I accept the request and acknowledge receipt of the book when I receive it). If I did not acknowledge receipt of your book, it means I did not receive it and therefore, I cannot review it.

Unless otherwise stated, I typically read books within 3 – 9 weeks of receipt but in the case of an ARC, I will do my best to read and review in good time and with regard to release dates.

I like to post at least twice a week, and in advance, so unless you require a certain post date, there can be up to a month delay between my reading a book and when the review is posted.

It may take slightly longer for me to review an e-book as compared to a physical book.

What To Expect From My Reviews

Typically, I like to highlight the themes, setting, writing style, character development and message or the lack thereof in my review. I also include ratings and whether or not I recommend the book and the target audience I would recommend the book to.

I will write a review for almost every book I finish. While I cannot guarantee that they will be positive, you can trust that they will be honest. My reviews are my opinion, and if I don’t enjoy a book then my review will reflect that. In all fairness, I will try to highlight any positives (if any) before explaining why the book did not work for me.

Kindly note that by sending a review request to me, you are acknowledging that you accept these terms.

Star Rating:
1 star – I hated it. It was terrible.
2 stars – I didn’t like it, but it was bearable.
3 stars – It was an okay read but could’ve been better.
4 stars – It was a good read. I liked it but I was not wowed.
5 stars – I absolutely loved it! It just might be a new favorite!

If your book falls below the 2 stars rating, I will most likely not publish the review on this blog and will send you an email to notify you of this. Same applies , if I am unable to finish reading your book.

Where do you post your reviews?
All reviews are posted on this blog, Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads and Pinterest.